The Diamond Glass

There was a culture that loved to make diamonds and they once made a glass, it was special though. It looked just like a glass of water. They wanted to sell the glass for big money, but all the buyers wanted to buy it for cheap and they found the problem, It was way too much like water. They had to fix the sculpture so it looked a little more value. After years of working on redesigning the product they were able to sell it for a lot of money and they lived a happy life in their small town

Riding through the night

I silently rode down the road in the night. The luggage bounced up and down on the gravel road, and the thick fog made me look transparent in dark colored sky. I knew it was late and Had too make it to the hotel before dawn. When I arrived I excitedly walked into the hotel to check in. When I got to my room I used my rose gold key to check in. I knew the room would be okay but the room was not as bad as I expected. I knew that if I would stay I would stay long. I stayed and live happily ever after.



It Reminded Me of a Time – Week Five Hundred Word Challenge

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder struck and lightning bolted down, like tears on someone’s cheeks. I was laid awake in my bed. To shot after an AAU tournament. I couldn’t get up, And the thunder was too loud to fall asleep. In the distance wolves howled. Deer antlers scratched against trees. It reminded me of a time when we went to camp with the trailer screeching and scraping against the ground whenever we hit a pothole, or a bump in the road. Man is camp fun. I slowly drifted off to sleep. I was dreaming of being at camp, Running, playing, and being at what seems like the end of the world. Nobody around knew that we even had a camp. 30 Miles away from the nearest gas station.

Week Three Hundred Word Challenge

  • It was a halloween night, I watched the clock, as it slowly ticked away, Seconds, Minutes. Trains speedily crossed the train track, It was 2 minutes from midnight. My bedroom door creaked , closing slowly.  Suddenly, Goosebumps shot down my arms, I looked out the window and saw that there was a train moving slowly down the tracks, but it seemed to be moving backwards. I called my mom in, no answer, I called my dad in, no answer. I heard scuffling footsteps down the hall. I got up and locked the door. I decided to go to bed. Bangs kept me up all night, when I woke up, the bangs stopped. That was the scariest night I´ve ever been in.

Week Two Hundred Word challenge

Once upon a time a teacher was out sniffing mauve colored flowers when an alligator popped up out of nowhere and said ‘’Can I sniff flowers please?”  The teacher was startled and precisely climbed the tricky fence. The teacher was so startled he ran back to the school and all the students were throwing a huge party. He checked the clock and the time was 2:45. That is one way to get payed , the teacher said. All the kids laughed the whole way home.  When the janitor came he thought… What happened here?

Week One Hundred word challenge

I think that the statue is breaking out of the sidewalk and will destroy the city.  The stature was brought down by an ancient rebellion Thousands of years ago and now he has mistaken The city that he has been lurking under as the rebellion that pushed and buried him under the city. The earth will shake causing the city to fall down and also cause many animal species to go near extinct or extinct, and families have to evacuate the city.